mardi 13 mai 2008

Playing John Rambo

Last night I was dreaming of even more adventure. Ban Lung was not enough for me, so I hired a guide and went much farther in the forest. First north, then east... at least I think ;) I must have been somewhere by the border between Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Probably I'll never know...

What I will remember is that I met people still using elephants to get around.
That I swam in misty lakes.
That I crossed powerful rivers.
That I felt the rain fall and slide on my skin.

I will remember that, at least from one day in my life, I had been back to the roots.

And felt happier.

Lots of dreamy rivers and unexplored waterfalls...

Playing John Rambo in the rain forest!!!

Make my day, waterfall!

Crossing rivers

Tarzan cooling down in the rapids...

Carlo meets the elephant people (one of the most exciting moments)!

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

carlo, love to read about your trip. yes the road maybe lonely sometimes but it all comes to pass. some of my greatest revelations about myself have come from times just like that. KEEP ON TRUCKING!!!! - volcano dave

Anonyme a dit…

Hello Dave ! So happy to hear from you ! I'll try to learn as much as possible from this trip and I will never underestimate LA FORZA DEL DESTINO!!! Thanx for everything!!! I'll write to you very soon.
Ciao !

N1 a dit…

What an adventure N2!!!!!
Happy Birthday anyeway!!!!!I ll give better commens on manday....

Anonyme a dit…

N1??? i've not written so far. who the hell are you?
happy birthday carlo

Carlo a dit…

Marco, Joe, stop talking rubbish! It's me N1!!!
Marco N2, and Joe N4!!!
And, I am sorry, but things won't change until the next ride...
Ciao ciao pantofolari!
Indiana Pipps