lundi 5 mai 2008

Life at the students residence

The second week of my sojourn has just started. The task I am supposed to complete is very complex. In fact, the Internet connection speed at the CIST is so very slow, regular blackouts occur at school level or at the ISP... and I have not much time to perform the packet prioritization and QoS definition I would have hoped for.

When not at the school, we, Volunteers, share everyday life with firts-year CIST students in a stark, simple, severe and somewhat gloomy residence of a outlying Phnom Penh district.

The life conditions are rough there, with hot rooms, a few shared toilets and a heap of UFI (unidentified flying insects). Nevertheless the Khmer students enjoy very much living there and our presence between them is much welcomed. So we are happy too, even if the nights can be dirty long when you are sweating like hell in your mosquito net, the fan has just stopped because of a power brownout, you have no more water left to drink and a cloud of insects is waiting for you just to step out of bed...

Same same but different!

Dinner is ready!

Cage numer 1: Fred the monkey

Cage number 2: Yacine the sloth

Cage number 3: Carlo the gorilla

3 commentaires:

Julie a dit…

Je vote pour Yacine, le seul qu'a l'air zen : seule facon de gagner la guerre contre les UFI!
Bon courage !!

Carlo a dit…

Aucun doute, Julie! Je connais assez bien ta nature ;)

Jacky (SANGKHIM) a dit…

Ah! Ghost. You look like that ha ha... any way, your shooting is magnific.