samedi 3 mai 2008

A visit from Singapore

These days I have been visiting Phnom Penh with lovely Julie, the best friend one can dream of. Lots of restaurants looking for tastes of Khmer Cuisine, a visit to the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda under a heavy storm, a second visit to the Khmer Rouge museums and a few walks in the local markets have been in the menu. Needless to say, we had a good time together (notwithstanding a lot of arguing, which is the main peculiarity and the funniest part of our friendship...)

Julie and her first cocktail in Phnom Penh

Inside the Royal Palace

A lot of eating ... :)

Lakeside in a fine day, part 1

Lakeside in a fine day, part 2

Lakeside in a fine day, part 3 - The hungry firsherman

Good girl doing business in Wat Phnom

Friendly shopping at the Central Market

Khmer Cuisine

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Yacine a dit…

Carlo, u re friend is so cuuuuute. U re so good together, why didn't introduce her to us! :) I can understand: u re hiding ur treasure! (Carlo u re such stupid)