mercredi 4 juin 2008

Hello, Thank you and Good Bye

After 6 weeks my trip to Indochina is now over. Back to work, I spend some time writing my last post for this blog.

First of all, I’d like to thank Steria Foundation, les Enfants du Mekong and the CIST. Many thanks in particular to Fabrice Normand, director of Steria Grenoble, and to Stephane, Yacine, Fred, Amelie, Nordine, Phoumen, Kandara, Dominique, Xavier (just to name a few) and all the Cambodians working for or studying at the School. The time spent at the CIST in Phnom Penh was undoubtedly very rewarding and getting in touch with warm-hearted people like you all are is decisively an intense mind-expanding experience.

Special thanks to Julie, for expressly coming to Cambodia to encourage, hearten and support me in a difficult moment. Thank you for being my guide in all the restaurants and markets and for giving me a will to taste new recipes!

A warm ‘Hello!’ to all the travellers I have met during my wandering.

Hello to Dave, Meg, Take, the German girl whose name I never knew, Chicco and all the other dreamy Italians I met in the meanders of the jungle.

Hello to burgeois Abby and her friend, who I came into by mistake – playing cards with you in the heat of Muang Noi Neua and tubing together on the Nam Ou was really fun!

Hello to the French couple from Paladru… sorry for leaving so unexpectedly but I wanted to get on that boat! Anyhow I hope you have enjoyed the Communist Cave!

Hello to Sylv and Tiger – you’re good people and great travellers!

Hello to Simon and Marilou – Canada rocks, as always!!!

Hello to Matti, crossing the world with his umbrella like Mary Poppins and sharing with me an unexpected refreshing swim in Vientiane’s only swimming pool.

Hello at last to all the members of the Israeli “mafia” I met on the tuk-tuk in Luang Prabang. Same same but different !

Good-bye to Bangkok, wonderful city, where I could admire Wat Pho, the Chao Praya River, noisy Khao San Road and its more peaceful cousin, Rambuttri Road.

Good-bye to Cambodia with its majestic Angkor Temples, the splendour of the Royal Palace and the untouched beauty of Ratanakiri.

Good-bye to Laos, with its islands on the Mekong and its valleys and rivers in the north.

Good-bye to the Mekong itself in the end. I will come again one day.

I promise.

Memories of... party time!

Jacky Chan!

Yacine on Phnom Penh's roads!

At the restaurant!

Killing Samedi!

Maradona dreaming...

Moments of glory!

And the winner is... Italy!!!

To Fred and to Yacine. To them a special thanks. Thanks for the party moments we shared I will never forget. Thanks tp Fred for the moments spent teaching us the Tektonik! Thanks for the football game under the rain Yacine didn't came too beacuse he is burgeois ;) Thanks for the afternoon spent splashing in Cambodiana's swimming pool! I hope to see you soon, guys!!!