mercredi 16 avril 2008

Carlo's going to leave soon..

My name is Carlo and I am about to leave for Southeast Asia, where I will collaborate to the STERIA Digital Bridges project. The aim of this activity is to share my working experience with the Centre for Information Systems Training in Phnom Penh and to help staff and students to improve the school technical architecture. At the same time I'll be visiting surrounding countries and I'll have a great opportunity to to understand this millenary and extremely rich culture.

I'll be leaving on April 18th, first visiting Bangkok, and then Cambodia and Laos. I will stay two weeks in Phnom Penh to collaborate with the CIST. The rest of the time I'll wander around Southeast Asia as a backpacker.

Background information:
The CIST – Centre for Information Systems Training – was launched in 2005 in Phnom Penh to provide disadvantaged students with IT training and qualifications leading to a job. In 2009 it will reach its full capacity and bring 200 people out poverty each year to become actors of the economic development of Cambodia within the IT sectors.
A specific NGO, Passerelles Numériques (“Digital Bridges”), was created in 2006 to leverage this expertise in new projects. This NGO has the legal purpose to reduce the digital divide, especially by offering access to education and to opportunities for employment through personal and professional development programs to the most underprivileged populations.
STERIA is collaborating to this process. To know more, feel free to visit the STERIA Foundation web site.

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