mercredi 30 avril 2008

Mission to Mars

The CIST has organised today a early visit to the huge rubbish tip (Stung Meachey) of Phnom Penh. A place where people live, work and suffer for less than half a dollar a day, scratching bare hands into mountains of wastes and selling raw materials to be recycled. A place where, like on a distant planet, the air is almost unbreathable.

And, incredibly, even in this hell, behind the skinny features of the people, we could find kindness and smiles.

France, and Europe, were today thousands of miles away.

2 commentaires:

io a dit…

mission to mars? sounds more like a trip to the hell. sub-living reality.
again, good luck carlo for everything u've been experiencing so far and what you still have to

Carlo a dit…

Thank you. I didn't want to talk of hell, because the Khmers here are so kind even in the most dramatic life situations. Their eyes will always be so cheerful even in the execution of such unrewarding tasks.
I hope I can really bring help to the CIST school with my work, even though the technical environment here is quite difficult to improve... in any case the CIST is doing a great job of opening minds and hearts of people who never knew how lucky they are...