lundi 21 avril 2008

At the border with Cambodia!

Making friends with the blue people at the Poipet border control.

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N1 a dit…

Sanibonani Yebooooo!
Now we talk! I see a great path in front of you N2. Go and meet, learn from the wise ones and avoid the others.
The trip starts.... keep us updated!
...Indiana rocks again!

Carlo a dit…

Yeaaap! this is the most incredibly long border post I have EVER gone through! Happily enough, I had the guts to go and talk the blue people and arrange a faster `transfer`! I`ll tell you the whole story some day ;)

Carlo a dit…

Indiana ALWAYS rocks!

Julie a dit…

Laisse moi deviner... Tu as utilisé tes célebres talents de "négociation italienne" !!

Carlo a dit…

Bin sur, Julie! Tu me connais bien, je vois! Il faut avancer avec les moyens du bord ;-)

Carlo a dit…

SO here it is, my way to go from Bangkok to Siem Reap dodging scams.

1) In Bangkok take a meter taxi at 6am to Mo Chit station, aka Northern Station. Count more or less 100 bath if coming from Khao San Road.

2) Ground floor of the station, find the desk for buses to Aranya Prathet. Buy the ticket for 215 bath.

3) Take the bus at 7am, many stops to eat so no need to bring water or food.

4) Get of at Aranya, last stop.

5) Tuk tuk to the border for a fixed price of 60 bath. Dont let the tuk tuk driver stop you at the fake immigration office where they will ask you for a lot of money. Tell him to go straigth to the border.

6) Buy your VISA for 20 USD qnd nothing more!

7) Cross the border

8) Find the free bus to the tqxi station. On the bus find other people willing to share the taxi to Siem Reap.

9) Get off at the bus station and with you newly found travellers companions bargain on the price of the taxi. For ne it was 60 dollars for 4 persons. The taxi will stop on the road to buy water and food.

10) Stop in Siem Reap and take a tuk tuk to Psar Chaa. Do not go sleep in the guesthouses or N6. Just beside Psar Chaa there are so,e good guesthouses and in the evening it is lively.

11) Spend at least three days. Rent a bike for at least one day and go in the countryside.


PS Please leave updates if you know better.