vendredi 9 mai 2008

Mission completed

Ok. My mission at the CIST school for Information System Training in Phnom Penh is over. Now Phoumen is skilled enough to be able to perform Bandwidth Management in the world of a socialistic Internet. Give him a Linux Kernel to recompile, a few iproute2 functionalities, and he will make your interactive and real-time traffic go fast as hell. Of course, it was not that simple. First, we had to study the protocols used at the CIST, analyse the existing Internet Connection and go through a full study of the network infrastructure. Then we had to plan a low-cost or no-cost queuing solution: just to give you an idea, here in Cambodia a 512/256kbit ADSL passport to the realm of Internet will cost you a huge 500USD, so no room for expensive full-branded devices... Last step, we had to implement the chosen solution. Not everything worked well. But what is important to me is having been able to share with Phoumen and with the Staff of the school my knowledge and my experience. It is, as I was told, one of the first Bandwidth Management project in Cambodia ever. Do I need more to be proud of myself?

Phoumen, I wish you a bright future!

Thanks to the CIST school for the chance I have been given to take part to this important project.

And, last but not least, good luck to all the Khmer students I have met!!!

Now my trip continues to Laos. A new country to discover. A new culture to meet. So, tomorrow morning, 6:30am, I will head for the Pshar Thmei bus station and get away on the lonely road that follows the great Mekong river. North is the direction.

Phoumen and Carlo going faster and faster on the Internet!!!

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