samedi 17 mai 2008

Tropical Paradise

Take a bus going up Route 13 after entering Laos, for example from Stung Treng to Ban Nakasang, and take a river ferry at Ban Nakasang that cross over to Don Don Det. You'll be in the Si Phan Don district, better know as Four Thousand Islands. A 50kms-long-fantastic-scenic stretch of islands and islets along the Mekong where, during the rainy season, the river reaches a breadth of 14 km! Sort of a real tropical paradise where fishermen, water buffalos, pigs, tourists, mokeys, dolphins, cats and dogs happily share beaches, rice fields punctuated of coconut trees, huge waterfalls, rapids and portions of pristine jungle.

A very laid-back place to be, where a hammock can easily become your best friend!

Fish hunter!

Fish hunter's mum!

Noah's ark in the rice fields. Just in case the Mekong gets angry...

A fruit (maybe the only one) of the French colonialism: petanque!

Breathtaking sunsets on the Mekong (while savouring a local coconut shake!!!)

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