mardi 6 mai 2008

At the crack of dawn...

The last days were very hot in Phnom Penh. The temperature is rising and the evening storms are becoming more and more frequent (and powerful). So, today, for a change, my will for new experiences pushed me to an early walk in the morning fresh breeze of the gardens between the majestic Royal Palace and the Mekong. As the crimson sun peeked over the horizon, I witnessed people beginning their daily workout at the rhythm of music droning from an army of old crackling speakers. Some were dancing, others swaying gracefully in synchronised Tai-Chi. I quickly understood that the traditional Cambodian society had successfully survived the transition from village to city... everything was calm and noiseless... the people, the river and Phnom Penh itself. This weird form of peace, unknown to Europeans, quietly wafting through to the city, made me feel good.

Quietness of Tai Chi

Sunrise on the Mekong river

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